My work featured in Gasoline magazine!

Hope you all get a great and joyful easter holiday!

Why not kick back and enjoy a really good magazine?

Like the current issue of ”Gasoline”, from Sweden. One of the best looking magazine I know of, and with some really cool cars.

An extra bonus may be the article that features my work? Feeling very humble over the nice work of Henrik Forss (aka Hollywood Hank) that made the article. πŸ™

Happy easter and thanks for looking! πŸ₯πŸ₯


I don’t do replicas, but I just made one…

A replica of a real car is often too time consuming, got to have the right wheels, total respray etc. Often too expensive, so K usually turn it down, but this time a made an exception. Got an email from a Swedish guy, he wanted a clone of the car that he and his pal’s had so much fun with, 20 years ago. Couldn’t really turn him down, could I? Orginal model from Revell in 1/18 scale, a lot of details added. Didn’t really have time to take any decent photos of it before I handed it over to. A lot of work, but I was all worth it when I saw his watery eyes! Stay tuned, because this little baby is about to be famous…