Better clean this mess up?

The camper van is soon ready for delivery to it’s new owner in Norway. Maybe has to clean it out first, remove all that junk? 😀


Camping life!

1/18th scale VW T1 Camper Van, in the making. Need some rust, more dirt and a dull coat. Think it will turn out good? Once done it will go to it’s new owner i Norway.

Carried away…

Some builds doesn’t end up as planned. Like this one for instance, should be a ordinary build, but I got way to carried away. Ended up putting too much time in to it, so I can’t really sell it. But I’m happy about it, I really love this little gem, she’s mine…. forever?!

Company van

Right now this little honey sits on my work bench. A build for the company Nascom and of course it has to have the company logo on the sides? The logo was painted with a template, Tamiya acrylic paint and airbrush. Hope you like it? Stay tuned and find out how it will look when it’s done!

Big scale Porsche 356 (1/12)

This lovely 1/12 (34 cm long) Porsche is a reslly nice model.

The SandlundArt treatment – worn down paint job, dirt, rust and details takes it even further. Beyond collectors item, to art!

The rust holes are actual holes in the bodywork.

This one is already sold, to Mexico. But if you want to make you one like it. Send me a message.